Re-flexing and Reflecting

Published September 1, 2012 by Natalie D. Sparrow

I know that I started this blog with a motivational purpose in mind, but because my children have become my biggest source of inspiration this may appear to be a mommy blog. Thank-fully, my children finally passed the diapers stage so I definitely won’t be blogging about the life lessons in smeared poopy diapers, and multi-food vomit on a brand new blouse. It’s a new moment, those years are behind me.


         Ok.  so I won’t bother with crazy infant and  toddler stories, but I have learned so much in this strange new lifestyle called mother-hood, that I find it hard to keep it all in. The crazy thing is that many of my life lessons all start in my front yard. I live in apartments and there is a very nice playground right outside my door, a lot life-changing moments happen there.

Like the other day, my daughter Sherri was in her own little world.

Until she decided to do what she always does everywhere she possibly can.


Just like her brother.

Anyway, so she continued to climb, until she reached the top. I made sure I was right by her, but then a cute little boy’s voice interrupted. “Mom, look at me, look at me!” I turned to se a quick cart-wheel he had done. When I turned back to see my daughter she had slipped off the pole and was heading down.  I wasn’t quick enough, I seen her entire arm land way behind her back as she tried to brace her fall.  I noticed a pointy part of her bone bulging out, instantly I knew her arm had been fractured. A tremendous amount of thoughts invaded my head as I put my kids in the car and rushed to the emergency room.

Of course every-light was red and all the idiots that don’t know how to drive happened to be out. Maybe I was just a tiny bit sensitive but it sure felt like nobody knew what they we’re doing right then and there. You know,  at that time my problems were the most important in the entire universe. Well, at least I had a valid excuse!

Fast-forward, we’ll skip the joys of parking; we’re in the emergency room and everything is going surprisingly fast. Yeah, everything was quick until the doctor assistant started reviewing the x-ray. At least an hour passed by before he came in with the results. Time couldn’t go any slower for me, and a ton of negative thoughts and all the guilt took a hold of me. What made everything worse, was that the doctor came in and told us that the fall was really bad and the fracture was on her elbow. She wouldn’t just need a cast but an entire surgery.  (More negative thoughts)

It was one of the worst feelings I had ever had. It was so painful to watch my daughter cry and whimper in pain. I felt powerless because I couldn’t help her at all. I have experienced pain and fear before mother-hood but somehow seeing my little girl in pain topped all the emotions that I ever had for myself.  (More guilt and negativity)

Well, the emergency room didn’t have an orthopedic available so he told me they had to refer me to an orthopedic doctor who needed to see my baby girl within 1-2 days. Four referrals and week later, we met her pediatric orthopedic doctor who thankfully was the best doctor I have ever met. She confirmed all my fears; surgery was the best option but  she reassured me that the risks we’re very low.  So I put my bold face on as much as I could, I didn’t want to transmit my anxiety to my little one before her big day.  We took a deep breath, and the healing process begins.

Sherry doing the E.T. phone home with the heart rate monitor before surgery.

On an empty stomach, talking about her first meal after surgery

So, they take her in and of course I’m terrified.  Thankfully, I had the best company and it made a lot of the stress easier to bear.  Now all we had to do was

wait for it, wait for it, wait for it.

My princess after surgery, obviously not very hungry.

The next day, a bit high from the medication.



          Yeah! the cast is of and we’re almost done with the healing process. A bit of re-flexing and reflecting and it’s all behind us .



11 comments on “Re-flexing and Reflecting

  • Its none of my business, of course. But three weeks seems a little fast to take a cast off. Has the old medical advice changed?
    Though now that I think of it, when I broke my arm it had been probably less than six weeks when they took mine off, and that was about twenty years ago. Hope she’s all better now. Thanks for the add, incidentally.

    • It was three almost four weeks, no more. We thought the same thing but that’s how they did hers. I’m not sure if other doctors leave them on longer. Since the fracture was on her elbow joint I think the longer it stays immobilized the longer it would take for her to get her full motion back after the cast is off. So maybe it hasn’t changed 🙂 Thanks

  • Ahhh you poor thing! There is nothing worse than your own baby in pain!
    Your writing is wonderful though! I felt as if I were right ther with you on the playround all the way to the fourth week! Glad I found your blog!

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