Political Compassion, People!

Published October 18, 2012 by Natalie D. Sparrow

Recently, my five-year old son and another boy did a re-enactment of the political debate for their classroom. I’m very proud of him because he has always been with me. He never went to preschool since I decided to teach him myself until the required school age. Time flew for us, and my baby officially began his first year in school this last September. I thought he would have a hard time being away from home but I think it was really me having an issue with the inevitable fact that they grow so fast.

At first he was very quiet and shy in class, but all of sudden he’s a debater. (I think I know where he gets that from.) Later, I found out he was chosen to re-enact Mitt Romney, and I had to let him watch the debate so he can get some tips from both grown men.

I wont go into which side I’m on because quite frankly despite the fact that I am a strong “who cares,” to me most politicians are  puppets on a string. I would hate to lose my peace especially to individuals who more often than not cowardly succumb to the desires of special interest groups. I know of quite a few people who disassociate themselves from those they we’re friends with or close to,  just because they differ at the polls. I truly abhor that and it makes me nauseous to hear the same people speak about unconditional love or loving thy neighbor. Where is the love in that? It is important to vote and express ourselves regarding all the issues, but in the process and during the campaigns let’s have some political compassion with those around us.

Don’t lose the peace people!

The sweetest and cutest debater

Anyway, back to  the sweetest and cutest debater in the world. I couldn’t believe that my son actually watched the entire debate. I think he was tired because I doubt he understood much of what was actually being said (at least I would hope so). The next day, he did very well and it was a positive experience for him. “I hope everyone has food,” his main repetitive line gave me goosebumps and made me smile proudly. I’m sure he learned a lot from  watching the debate and the entire experience. However, I couldn’t help but notice that perhaps it is the politicians and the adults that need to sit in a classroom full of five-year old children for a few minutes to get some tips from them. Yes, little people fight and disagree but at the end of the day,  the argument is forgotten and you’ll most likely find them playing and working together on assignments. The friendship is restored and they have their peace!!!


14 comments on “Political Compassion, People!

  • I’m Canadian, so this election is nothing more than entertaining television for me (If you were outside of the house you would have thought we were yelling at a soccer match haha). If I was in the US I would easily have a candidate in mind that I would vote for. Unfortunately, I am one of those people who would lose friendships if they voted for the other candidate (US only). In Canada however, there are a few more people to chose from and I don’t get my panties in a twist if friends or family differ from me at the polls.

    I am very proud of your little dude getting out of his shell and giving so much effort to the debate!

      • You guys do have different people up for grabs. It’s very weird they don’t get a chance to debate. I RARELY ever hear about them. Shame they need so much money just to be noticed

      • Yes, I wish there was more information about them available, they barely get coverage. It’s like writing a research paper if you want to know anything about them. It is a shame, just like many political things are. That’s why I think it’s silly for friendships and relationships to be scarred just because people don’t see eye to eye politically. Thanks for reading and commenting, Victoria! 🙂

  • You’re right, Natalie. These children have the right idea. They know what really matters – what’s important. Adults can get so caught up in details and specifics, forgetting about what really matters – people…that people are safe, that they have food, that they are healthy, that they are respected and allowed to follow peace & joy. The children have it – people can argue and disagree, but in the end, the people involved are more important than the issues in the debate.

  • Your son is very…… cute! A good debater already? Wow, he has the potential to become a President of the United States then, just like Obama. And he does look like him when he was a boy.. 😉

    Subhan Zein

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