Published September 21, 2012 by Natalie D. Sparrow

I love music that offers positive and encouraging messages, I act like a little child with a brand new toy when I find a new and inspiring song. I can’t really keep a beat myself but I know music has the power to transform and bring us together in such a powerful way. Today was  great day for my Google and You-tube music search since I was automatically re-directed to awesome music from different International Day of Peace sites. I heard so many today, that I really enjoyed and will be adding to my play-list. I know we should have Peace Day every day to show our dissatisfaction with the way things are now and to focus on our hope of a better future. In many ways, music and the arts can play a constant role on this not just on peace day but everyday. Here is a post I’m re-blogging from To Be Aware. Love the post and of course Michael Jackson’s song!



To Be Aware

It is coming,
It is truly coming.
It can be felt moving through space,
A new era of world unity and love.

The day, in which all stories will be unfold, is very close.
stories about countries, about religions, about seperation – will all be dropped at once.

May all weapons be dropped to the ground,
all boarders be removed,
all lies, blind hatred, unkindness be fade away.

may all sentient beings be free from suffering.


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Re-flexing and Reflecting

Published September 1, 2012 by Natalie D. Sparrow

I know that I started this blog with a motivational purpose in mind, but because my children have become my biggest source of inspiration this may appear to be a mommy blog. Thank-fully, my children finally passed the diapers stage so I definitely won’t be blogging about the life lessons in smeared poopy diapers, and multi-food vomit on a brand new blouse. It’s a new moment, those years are behind me.


         Ok.  so I won’t bother with crazy infant and  toddler stories, but I have learned so much in this strange new lifestyle called mother-hood, that I find it hard to keep it all in. The crazy thing is that many of my life lessons all start in my front yard. I live in apartments and there is a very nice playground right outside my door, a lot life-changing moments happen there.

Like the other day, my daughter Sherri was in her own little world.

Until she decided to do what she always does everywhere she possibly can.


Just like her brother.

Anyway, so she continued to climb, until she reached the top. I made sure I was right by her, but then a cute little boy’s voice interrupted. “Mom, look at me, look at me!” I turned to se a quick cart-wheel he had done. When I turned back to see my daughter she had slipped off the pole and was heading down.  I wasn’t quick enough, I seen her entire arm land way behind her back as she tried to brace her fall.  I noticed a pointy part of her bone bulging out, instantly I knew her arm had been fractured. A tremendous amount of thoughts invaded my head as I put my kids in the car and rushed to the emergency room.

Of course every-light was red and all the idiots that don’t know how to drive happened to be out. Maybe I was just a tiny bit sensitive but it sure felt like nobody knew what they we’re doing right then and there. You know,  at that time my problems were the most important in the entire universe. Well, at least I had a valid excuse!

Fast-forward, we’ll skip the joys of parking; we’re in the emergency room and everything is going surprisingly fast. Yeah, everything was quick until the doctor assistant started reviewing the x-ray. At least an hour passed by before he came in with the results. Time couldn’t go any slower for me, and a ton of negative thoughts and all the guilt took a hold of me. What made everything worse, was that the doctor came in and told us that the fall was really bad and the fracture was on her elbow. She wouldn’t just need a cast but an entire surgery.  (More negative thoughts)

It was one of the worst feelings I had ever had. It was so painful to watch my daughter cry and whimper in pain. I felt powerless because I couldn’t help her at all. I have experienced pain and fear before mother-hood but somehow seeing my little girl in pain topped all the emotions that I ever had for myself.  (More guilt and negativity)

Well, the emergency room didn’t have an orthopedic available so he told me they had to refer me to an orthopedic doctor who needed to see my baby girl within 1-2 days. Four referrals and week later, we met her pediatric orthopedic doctor who thankfully was the best doctor I have ever met. She confirmed all my fears; surgery was the best option but  she reassured me that the risks we’re very low.  So I put my bold face on as much as I could, I didn’t want to transmit my anxiety to my little one before her big day.  We took a deep breath, and the healing process begins.

Sherry doing the E.T. phone home with the heart rate monitor before surgery.

On an empty stomach, talking about her first meal after surgery

So, they take her in and of course I’m terrified.  Thankfully, I had the best company and it made a lot of the stress easier to bear.  Now all we had to do was

wait for it, wait for it, wait for it.

My princess after surgery, obviously not very hungry.

The next day, a bit high from the medication.



          Yeah! the cast is of and we’re almost done with the healing process. A bit of re-flexing and reflecting and it’s all behind us .


The Sea

Published August 8, 2012 by Natalie D. Sparrow

The Sea

Sea turtle visits for lunch

Sea turtle visits for lunch (Photo credit: micahcraig)

In  the still of the night

As man slumbers behind the folds,

The forest proclaims;

“I am the power brought by the sun,  from the heart of the earth.”

The sea remains quiet, saying to itself,

“I am the power.”

The rock says,

“The ages erected me as a monument until Judgement Day.”

The sea remains silent saying to itself,

“I am the monument.”

The wind howls,

“I am strong, I separate the heavens from the earth.”

The sea remains quiet, saying to itself,

“The wind is mine.”

The river says,

“I am the pure water , that quenches the thirst of the earth.”

The sea remains silent saying to itself,

“The river is mine.”

The summit says,

“I stand high like a star, in the center of the sky.”

The sea remains silent saying to itself,

“The summit is mine.”

The brain says,

“I am the ruler; the world is in those who rule.”

The sea remains slumbering, saying in its sleep,

“All is mine!”

Kahlil Gibran

Heaven on Earth!

Published July 24, 2012 by Natalie D. Sparrow

Well,  just the day after I published my first post on here, I was going through my face book news feed. Apparently, it was a boring day for fb or nobody had the energy to post interesting time-consuming updates. Luckily, for those days I’m subscribed to several pages, one of those is Dr. Wayne Dyer’s page. So just as boredom was beginning to urge me to click on the log out button, I came across something that goes hand in hand with my last post. Here it goes

“Heaven on earth is a choice we must make, not a place we must find.” I was so excited, practically jumping out of my seat. No, I’m not superstitious but a small part of me says, “This just can’t be a coincidence!” I had just finished blogging about experiencing heaven on earth while enjoying the present moment with my children, and out of all the millions of inspiring quotes that’s the first one that shows up. Coincidence or not this is the hardest thing on my to do list now. I experienced it several times but I know we we’re meant to enjoy Heaven on Earth constantly not just once in a while. I really wanted to share that because I think it goes hand in hand with the last post .
Positive vibes!

Living in the Present Moment!

Published July 22, 2012 by Natalie D. Sparrow

Just the other day I was watching my children and their little friends play in my front yard. I lost track of time, as they playfully laughed and screamed. They were a very diverse group, all types of ethnicities or chocolate, as I like to call it. Anyway, everything from white chocolate to dark chocolate kids were playing in the front. It wasn’t just diverse because of the different ethnicities, but there was also a deaf girl and another special needs child all anxiously playing together.

What caught my attention is that none of them noticed any of their differences; they all truly enjoyed each other’s company. The deaf girl seemed to not even realize her disadvantage, and found a way to be involved in all of their games. Communication was not even a barrier for them; it seemed as if they all understood each other on a more profound level. Their laughter filled my ears, and ignited me with burst of nostalgia for my childhood years. After much contemplation, I began to play tag with them as well.

Ok, so I confess for a moment I totally forgot that I was way older than them. They made me feel as if I was a part of them, no age difference at all. It was easy to lose track of time in the midst of such a joyous crowd. It truly made me get a glimpse of what it really feels like to live in the present moment.

Even more perplexing, was one of my conversations with my son. As I caught my breath I stopped to talk to him for a few minutes. Somewhere in there I asked what he wanted to do the next day and if he wanted to play outside tomorrow. Without hesitating, his immediate response was, “I don’t know.” After dealing with many children, I knew that I probably would get the same response if I asked him what he did yesterday. Of course I knew that he had spent the previous day with my mother, but in my surreal moment of inspiration I wanted confirmation. Sure enough, his response to what he did the previous day again was, “I don’t know.” His only preoccupation was that very moment, nothing else mattered.

I must say that I don’t really consider myself very religious but I believe this is what many religious philosophers and poets mean when they express the importance of living in the present moment. Then I wondered even further; Can this also be what the well-known verse refers to in the quote, “except you become as little children, you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven?” I’m not exactly sure if there is any correlation there but I know that day was like heaven on earth for me!

Positive vibes to all! NS